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SIKDER ONLINE is an Online News Portal ( ). It brings you the latest news around the world 24 hours a day and 7 days in week. It focuses most on Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) but it reflects the views of the people of Bangladesh. SIKDER ONLINE is committed to the people of Bangladesh.

It also serves for millions of people around the world and meets their news thirst. SIKDER ONLINE put its special focus to Bangladeshi Diaspora around the Globe.

The Editorial Policy of Sikder Online strongly maintains QUALITY JOURNALISM, NON-PARASITISM, GENDER BALANCE AND PROGRESSIVE VIEWS. Our Investigative team works on exclusive issues to dig up to the background information of any event. Through this we ensure the coverage of daily events and 360 degree narratives of topical issues. Besides Economy and Business beat our focus on Entertainment, Sports, ICT, Science& Technology is considered as SPECIAL. We have space for readers Comments and we have kids corner also.

To date, Sikder Online has got the content onto the Internet to disseminate information throughout the world. Since the first day of its launching Sikder Online has taken disseminating information from Dhaka issues as its primary task. Making it sure that the esteemed news medium authority of Sikder Online ‘s Daily be guaranteed and its role as a major website showing great appeal, good readability and increased affinity be brought into full play; About us

Sikder Online English Edition has been available since December 22, 2016. It translates major news releases daily and new policies, resolutions and statements of the Government and other stakeholders of the state.
Internet users can also find in special columns of Sikder Online’s Daily Online thoughtful narration and analysis of current topic, it also carries information about the activities around, basic facts on Bangladesh and places of interest.

Customarily SIKDER ONLINE makes it sure new world hot topics; thematic subjects and feature websites are presented in the interest of its readers worldwide.

To convenience Internet surfers’ access, online study and information feedback, Sikder Online has also provided 8 functional services as subscription to personal electronic news reading, mails free of charge; online data retrieval and online investigation in addition to news information, policy information, laws online, short-message products etc. About us

Sikder Online has by now had a daily increased influence being felt in Dhaka & abroad and its authoritative news releasing; comprehensiveness and timelines have won wide acclaim; Thanks to five years’ effort made; Sikder Online’s Daily Online has made itself one of the most authoritative, comprehensive and influential websites and dissemination of information claiming the largest daily amount of new releases in Bangladesh.